• "The Gentlemen's Choice"


    STŌG is our TOBACCO e-liquid line. The name STOG comes from "Stoggie", a common nickname people refer to "cigarette". Our STOG line, is a 60% VG, 40% PG line, made this way to mimic the true feeling of a cigarette hit. We also carry higher nicotine levels for this line. Quit Smoking & Start Vaping! We got you!

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  • I want that SYRUP!

    I want that SYRUP!


    SYRUP is our DESSERT & CREAMY e-liquid line. We created this line for all you savory/sweets lovers. Be on the look out for your favorite dessert, or maybe your favorite bowl of cereal. This line is also 70%VG, 30% PG as well. We've got those all day vape flavors. Pass on desserts at dinner, and skip straight to the SYRUP!

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  • Find your bliss!

    Find your bliss!


    KLOUT 9 is our FRUIT juice line. The name Klout 9 has multiple meanings. Klout spelt with a “K”; a fun and quirky way of spelling Clout; means “to blow or hit”, and also means to have power or influence like the famed movie of the Mid 90’s called “Juice” starring Tupac Shakur. Klout 9 similarly sounds like Cloud 9. When someone is on Cloud 9, they are at the highest feeling of elation & well-being. This line is 70% VG / 30% PG Ratio, meant for cloud chasers & flavor enthusiasts.



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